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Κυριακή 18 Νοεμβρίου 2012

12 Every Occasion Ticket Sentiments

12 ticket sentiments for every Occasion in B&W and red-black colors.  300 dpi for quality printing. Resize to your requirements. Perfect for any card . You may NOT: Give away for free.

When you purchase it you will receive an A4  B&W JPEG image with all 12 ticketsx2 (total 24 tickets) ,a parchment A4 JPEG image with all 12 ticketsx2 (total 24 tickets), and the 12 sentiments as singles so you can print the one you will need for your project. 

* congrats grad
* friends are flower in the garden of life
* so happy to hear the good news
* happy anniversary
* goodbye tension ~ hello pension
* I (^) you always a& forever
* my father my hero
* my mom my mentor
* smiles are the best medicine
* wishing you an eggstra special easter
* thank you from the bottom of my (^)
* wishing you good cheer and the comfort of loved ones this season

Thank you

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