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Terms Of Use

End-User License Agreement

Graphics © 2012 by Marion82; All Rights Reserved.

By purchasing or downloading products from  http://colorinkdigistamps.blogspot.gr/ you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this document.
All graphics, once sold or downloaded free of charge, do not become your property. Copyrights to all graphics remain the property of Marion82 and when the scrap hits the fun and are licensed to you for your personal, non-commercial use.



Product Usage:

- send other people athttp://colorinkdigistamps.blogspot.gr/ to downloade the digi kit or the digi stamps that are freebies or to buy Marion's 82 products.
-  use these products to create your own scrapbook pages, projects, cards and gifts.
-  alter, modify, recolor and resize these products for your own PERSONAL use.
-  print or have printed these products for your own PERSONAL use.
- use these products to create headers backgrounds and buttons for your personal or family (non-commercial) blog.
- display your finished creations online at a size no greater than 600px (72dpi) for web viewing purposes only.
- copy these files a CD/DVD or external hardrive that is owned and used expressly by you for back-up or archival purposes.
- submit your creations using these products for publication provided proper credit is given to Marion82 ~ colorink digital stamps and when the scrap hits the fun.

- share, loan, trade, resell, or distribute these products.
- upload these products to any file sharing websites for any purpose.
- alter or modify these products and claim them as your own designs.
- create derivative works from these products for the purpose of resale or distribution.
- create templates of any kind for the purpose of sharing or selling.
- use these products to make of brushes, tubes or patterns for resale or distribution.
- make copies of these products other than for personal back-up or archival purposes.
- print or have printed these products for sale or distribution via internet, retail locations or any other venue.
- submit templates or pre-made pages for publication and claim them as your own designs. Please credit accordingly.
- use these products for commercial use without a commercial license and written permission from when the scrap hits the fun and colorink digital stamps



Your purchase of these paper piecing patterns includes a
limited use license from http://colorinkdigistamps.blogspot.gr/. Marion82 reserves all
ownership and copyrights to the content, graphics and artwork in all
of these paper piecing patterns.

Allowed uses for these patterns:

Each pattern comes with a limited use license for the original
purchaser only. The purchaser may use the patterns for completed projects for
personal use and to create handmade projects for resale & profit up to
100 items per calendar year, per design.

Projects may include (but are not limited to) cards, scrapbook pages, paper piecings,
labels, tags and any handcrafted item.

You MAY sell the assembled paper piecing as a single finished product,
as part of a layout, a handmade card or other paper project.


How these Paper Piecing Patterns may NOT be used:

Unfinished pieces may not be used in a kit or as part of a kit for resale.

No part may be used to create another digital product of any kind.

No part may be used to create a printed product (pattern) for resale or distribution.

Finished artwork MAY NOT be offered as part of a clipart collection
No part may be tubed.
No part may be redistributed in any digital format.
No part may be altered or auto-traced to create a new image for sharing or other distibution.
Using the vectors to create a derivative work is a violation or our rights under Copyright Laws.

These patterns may only be used for their intended purpose which is cutting files and printable
patterns to create finished paper piecings and/or paper crafts.).

We reserve the right to amend these terms at our discretion.

Please remember that this license is not transferable to another person. In other words, you may
not give or share this pattern with another individual or group of individuals. They are welcome
to acquire their own limited license by purchasing patterns directly from whenthescraphitsthefun or http://colorinkdigistamps.blogspot.gr/.


Where appropriate, please be sure to credit Marion82,  when the scrap hits thefun , Product Name.

Copyrights to all images and graphics are retained by Marion82 with all rights reserved.
No commercial use is hereby authorized.

It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner.
This license is non transferable.


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Thank you for your business and enjoy your download,

when the scrap hits the fun

when the scrap hits the fun